5 Top Tips for Paediatric Dental Health

5 Top Tips for Paediatric Dental Health
  1. Decrease quantity and frequency of sugar intake

5 Top Tips for Paediatric Dental Health2. Ensure to supervise brushing while kids are young to ensure they establish correct habits

Healthy Teeth3. Ensure they wear a mouth guard when playing contact sports

Kids shooting on football station

4. If your child plays a wind instrument such as the recorder or tin whistle, ensure they do not run with the instrument in their mouth

saxophone-music-gold-gloss-452435. Come and see the Dentist at least every 6 months


Meet Dr. Ali Khan as he discusses the scope of his work and will focus mainly on Children’s Dental Health.  To book an appointment with Ali please call Rdent today on 091 563 792. 

Exam, x-rays and scale and polish for €60

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